Algorithmic Updates and Culling the Herd..

Its been a long while, since I actually blogged.  I have been extremely busy off late, especially with Christmas rush and the need to rank my sites and that of clients sites in time. There has also been a phase where I almost gave up. This was primarily because I was working very hard, earning relatively good money. BUT this level of work is sooo much more then I had anticipated.

I have also find that my inability to let go, and trying to micro mange everything is directly promotional to my stress level. I try and check everything that my employees do. However i found initially this was OK, but now not soo much.

This was bound to happen right, these algorithmic updates seem to be more and more heavily biased towards “brands” and it seems that Google is heavily modifying the playing filed so only with the deepest pockets and through knowledge of SEO survive.

Can Internet Marketing Earn Sustainable Cash?

Short answer yes, and long one is one where careful analysis is needed to actually determine if the effort is worth the reward, and the risks are involved. no longer is it true that an authority site wont be hit. They do get hit and are getting hit. I had one wonderful authority site, with over 1000 pages of content each atleast over 800 words, brought down with the latest updates, the site was a affiliate site moving slowly toward being a brand. going from just over 1500 visitors a day to 85 visitors a day leaves a bitter taste to say the least. This particular site has  has 119 number one spots in Google UK 85 number one spots in Google USA and many more like this. All places being dropped min of 5 but maximum of 10 places (with no message in the WMT, is something that is not acceptable)

What is an affiliate to do?

Not much at the moment, there are black hat techniques that are working at the moment, and with black hat you are always having to stay one step ahead of the game, it very tiresome, also constant investment is needed. In my opinion Black hat only works in extremely profitable sectors like loans, insurance, pron, and gambling. The site lifespan will be in the region of 3 months. These are the only sectors where a 3 months tint at number one in google will pay/be worth the effort of going balck hat and working.

One thing that is DEFINITELY working

Gust post, these are great. Especially when they are on worthwhile and long established blogs. Blogs that are an authority in your area, and are there to help the user. Place where there is natural traffic. I firmly believe that Google is now  also looking at the rankings of the page that is giving out the link, how visible is it in search engine. Do people read it? If its going on an obscure article directory, is anyone actually going to read this article.

Other Key Points to Take away from the October Updates

  • Pr (page rank) is actually now getting a bit (note i said a bit) more inline with the strength of the links.
  • Number of links is NOT the deciding factor (it was not so, for the last year anyway)
  • Traffic of the Page is more important
  • Relevance of the Page is very important
  • Relevance of the domain, or domain intent is also worth while factor. Its not a deciding factor in my opinion but an every growing one. For example i am seeing that sites that scrape material. Say that the domains is bout pharma goods, but publishes articles about kids toys. There is no correlation, and hence i have notice these links are producing less and less value. More over, this “worth” is not changing even if a lot of relevant links is point to the pharma site, or page on the pharma site that contain links to your site.

All the above changes have meant in concept at least only authority sites are getting promoted. However as its an algorithm the triggering filter for each of these is very arbitrary. This is the reason why I am convinced with enough care and money invested that I can still continue to make 5 figures or more a month from Marketing.


Regular readers know that I am all about diversification.  It has been this diversification that has helped me stay kind of ahead for the last 4 years. Most are aware that I now have my own SEO agency, and this has taken off quiet well.  This agency has now I am very proud to announce a full media department (consisting of two people lol)  where we use online news as leverage to get our selves or our client news into “main stream” printed news.

I am also busy building relationship with clients, however this month I am culling the client portfolio mainly due to funding issues. I think by January I will cut my client load to half.  As bad as it sounds I will only work with clients with adequate funding and willingness to do the work.  I am keeping my very old clients, though they pay little but they were my first clients and I am not ready to let them go just yet.  Besides ranking locally is soooo very easy.

My diversification has been especially focused on new areas/sectors to sink my teeth into, especially keen to try areas which have a online and offline physical flavor to it as well.  I have also notice that taking a dedicated effort to rank in Bing is also really worthwhile, though its harder as it takes a lot to push into Bing, however good thing is once there it does not go away..

Google Disavow Tool

Are you getting on board? NO for me, I don’t see why we should tell google what we think are spammy links. Very hard to do with sites that have over 100K links!! To be honest i don’t even know how the mechanics and impact of this is? For example Webmaster A files a complaint/reports a link on an article directory (which he was responsible and worked hard to place) on that page are three other links to other sites. Does the page in its entirety gets devalued? Is it link specific? Is it algorithm dependent (got to be right)?  There are just too many variables for this.

To top this off good will is in short supply towards google, especially after the recent traps set by Google , after they blanket sent mass link warnings to thousands of webmasters. People who panicked and replied were whacked, those who kept quiet were ok after one or two months!!



  1. Disavow “Are you getting on board? NO for me, I don’t see why we should tell google what we think are spammy links.”

    Google already knows your backlink profile and the quality of the page you linked too. I look at disavow tool as a way of increasing your websites authority by being able to get rid of the links that are holding you back.

    Guest blogging and targeted blog commenting are possible the only safe ways of getting links at the moment. Until Google comes down hard on blogs that is…..
    Chris recently posted..The Evolution of SEOMy Profile


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