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Site TrafficI have has a site that was sitting around in the bottom half of page one for a number of terms. And during this summer it really took off. There have been a number of changes made to the site and I just quickly wanted to highlight a few actionable steps that you can do now to increase your site traffic

1. Deep linking, this does not only apply to building backlinks to deep pages, but also applies to making sure that your site does not contain orphan pages, and there is a breadcrumb trail for the spiders to follow. For reasonable sized websites I would highly recommend

2. Anchor text variation. I have now stuck with a 25% EMD variation, it used to be a lot lower, however I am finding that 20-25% seems to be the optimum.

3. 301 redirects. Its simple they work, even doing a redirect from a completely irrelevant domain, works. Especially if that domain has natural backlink and AGE. 301 redirects to money site or internal pages of money sites is one of the quickest ways to rank. You can use drivers also and, this is achieved by doing a 301 redirect and then building 300 to 400 webs 2.0 tiers to the sited being redirected. This seems to add an extra umph (though its short lived)

4. image links, yeah you heard me get image links!! they are HOT they seem to be really helping this particular site rank.

5. Relevent Tiers, Tiers are here to stay. But relevant tiers are harder to detect and better for SEO of the future!

let me know your thoughts



  1. Hi Mansoor,

    Long time and no posts ha ha! Then 3 come along at once! :)

    Anyway, glad your well and alive. As for what’s working, yes anchor text variation seems to be the big thing now. I’m rankings sites with as low as 5% exact match anchors now.

    I’m surprised you haven’t blogged about the Payday Loans thing that happened recently. 301 redirects used to great effect there!

    Didn’t realise image links were so powerful. Not 100% sure how to get them either it’s not something you see everyday.

    • Hi Dale,

      Yeah pretty much like London buses! There was no point in blogging about payday loans for two reasons. Its been covered to death. Second I have seen no public forum or blog that has completely described what is happening. One has come I think about 80% there.

      Second reason, is I know only 4 people who are using the 301 technique that is ACTUALLY working. Two i know personally. And I like competing in smaller pools especially as I can replicate these techniques and go undected for months (dare i say years) without anyone being the wiser!

      Anchor text diversity is as low as 5% but not for long :) I bet you by December it will be easily triple that!

  2. Ye it’s been covered to death. I’ve only seen a few examples of the 301 technique in action, seems to work best in high volume, high CPA, high competition niches. They don’t seem to rank for that long at but if you have it setup as a conveyor belt and are earning £££’s per job it’s going to pay.

    Actually here’s a question for you. If you own an aged domain in a similar niche to a new one, would 301′ing the old domain to the new one help it rank? Many guys on BHW think so, last time i tried it didn’t work so well, that was pre panda/penguin though so interested to know if it’s a possible now.

    • It would help but there are conditions in place, if the domain has had a manual penalty then that will be passed along. If the domain has had a website live for last 3 months or not. I found that if the domains has content and then a 301 redirect is placed this carried more weight rather then a dormant 301 redirect.

  3. Thanks for the info Mansoor, gonna give a 301 a bash and see what happens :)


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